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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

I had a dream the other night where I was in a very large and rather scary building that I really wanted out of. I felt alone and hadn't recognized anyone I knew or seemed vaguely attached or related to in any way. There were signs everywhere, but I couldn't stop. I was aware though that the signs showed a man whose eyes I felt followed me and whose arms seemed to be reaching out to me. But I ran past, a little afraid to stop. But the next sign would show the same man crying with his head in his hands as if my running past him had broken his heart. So I looked for a way out. After searching for some time and going down what seemed endless dark passageways and ""no entry"" signs, I finally came to a door.

It looked like any ordinary door. Hinges, door handle, not a bad coat of paint and varnish.
So I put my hand on the handle and tried to open it cautiously. I felt it move a little. Then a lot! It seemed that immediately behind it was another door and on that one the hinges were loose and the door was falling forwards onto the first door. I soon realized there were many doors just like this, one after the other and I was in deep trouble.

Then a man appeared, from BEHIND all the doors and was amazingly holding them all up with the greatest of ease!!
"I'm sorry", I said, not sure what else to say.
"It's OK", the man said. "Happens all the time".
"Why don't you fix the door then"? I offered. It seemed the obvious solution.
One corner of the man's mouth moved into a knowing smile.
"Because people must learn that some doors are best left alone".
"But I couldn't find any other way out and I felt this was the final door".
"I understand", the man said. "But in your agitation to get out, you have missed all the signs telling you how to get out".
"I saw signs sir, but they were only of a man either reaching out or crying. What use is he to me? I was reaching out and crying myself"!
The man studied me for a moment, perhaps with a saddened heart, and then he spoke without judgment, anger or frustration.
"My child, you were certainly in a very undesirable place. Many people have found themselves in this hell, sometimes through no fault of their own. So I have put myself all around them to try to call them out".
"It was you in those signs? It was you.....reaching out...crying..."?
"Hush my child. You're safe now".
He held me for a long while. We cried together. And I understood.

Jesus Himself is "the door".
He is the door to new life, happy life, meaningful life and eternal life.
Matthew 7:7 tells us that if we stand at the door and knock we can go in. The door will be opened.

If you've never had a personal meeting with Jesus please try to ask a friend or relative who you know is a professing Christian to help you step through this door to a new life. If you would like me to give you more information please email me and I will get back to you.

If you are already a Christian but you've felt recently that too many doors are closing on you or you're finding that you're leaving your burdens on the wrong side of the door, please ask someone to pray with you, or contact me if I can help.

Here is a short prayer in the meantime.

Lord, you know all of my needs. All of the burdens I carry that you are waiting to bear for me. All of the things in my life that need to go. And all of the good things that need to come in.
Help me to seek you earnestly but in simple and sincere words.
I want to feel you hold me. We could cry together.
Wait a moment Lord.
I need Your presence now.

(Now begin to speak to Jesus of those things that you have been keeping to yourself)

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Guarding Our Inheritance

I love Paul's letter to the Ephesians.
The other day I was reading Ephesians chapter 1.
The heading for the first section is "Spiritual Blessings in Christ". This can be found from verse 3 through to verse 14.
It's interesting to note that in the original Greek this was all one sentence. A continuing flow of worship to honour God for what He has done. I had to consider for a moment when I last honoured God with such a continuous flow from my own heart!! Normally my "one sentence gushing" to the Lord is more like an endless shopping list or a string of gripes polished like pearls!! Thank God for forgiveness, I say!!
Verses 3 to 14 speaks of three things.
1. The blessings we have through the Father
2. The blessings we have through the Son
3. The blessings we have through the Holy Spirit.
The third one is the one that made me stop and think.
Paul talks about the PROMISED Holy Spirit, given as a DEPOSIT, guaranteeing our INHERITANCE.
I began to think, "How carefully am I guarding this sacred deposit?"
It's so easy to guard the things which are seen. Take money for example. We'll take our monetary deposit and place it in a bank, a saving fund, a high interest account and perhaps even shuttle it around from one savings resource to another, always trying to guarantee the best interest and return on our deposit.
We'll deposit copious amounts of cash into a life insurance policy so someone will receive support when we are no longer here. And we'll make sure we shop around for the best payout!
We may even be fortunate to own a rare and priceless piece of art. ( I don't!) Where do we keep it? On the wall? Oh no! It's far too priceless!! It's in the bank vault and we never get to enjoy it!
And then I ask myself the question, "What am I doing to guard the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life? This priceless deposit which guarantees my inheritance?"
Am I allowing worldly things to tarnish this treasure?
Do I pray as much for this 'deposit' as I do for all earthly ones?
And when did I last stand before God with an overflowing, thankful heart, worshipping and honouring Him for the gift of the Holy Spirit?
The truth is, I need to be more grateful, more careful, more worshipful and more aware of the treasured deposit given so freely, but which I 'carry so clumsily'!

So how do I 'pray creatively' in this situation? Well, here are a few ways which could help lead you on the right path!

1. When you pray, hold something or look at a picture or item that helps you think about the Holy Spirit. This could be a picture of a dove, your baptismal photo, a cross, an ornament................something personal to you that signifies the Spirit. And as you pray, try to 'do it the Greek way'!! That is, in one big bursting sentence of worship and glory to God!! ( But remember to breathe!!)

2. When you are taking care of banking, insurance or other financial matter, make time to consider how you're spiritual inheritance is shaping up? Are you guarding your deposit in anticipation for your inheritance?

3. Find space on your overcrowded notice/appointments board to pin a piece of paper which simply states "Guard my desposit and ensure my inheritance".

4. Pray that you will gain more wisdom and strength to DENY ACCESS to thoughts, desires, attitudes and actions that could seriously affect your spiritual inheritance.

I hope this has been helpful to you. If it has, please let me know. Encouragement increases creativity!
As always, if you need prayer, spiritual support or simply want to ask me something, just click on the 'butterfly' in right sidebar to email me. I will normally reply promptly. Please allow for differing timescales.
Thank you for stopping by.

Saturday, 11 July 2009


I suppose at one time or another we've all been there! We go through our day with all good intentions of being the best Christian we can be. We even begin by praising the Lord before our feet have touched the floor! "This is the day that the Lord has made! I WILL rejoice and be glad in it"!! We make great plans to walk as Jesus walked, talk as He talked and let nothing bother or fluster us.
We start off the day pretty well. By 10.00am we are still calm and we think we've got it sussed for the day!! And we put on our poised, demure mantle!! Oh, nothing can get to me. I'm a Christian. I'm standing on the promises! I'm growing into the character of Christ!!
Then it happens! And it's always 'that same thing' that tries your patience!! The leaky washing machine, the cold call salesperson, one more 'final' demand, the challenging family member,the untrained puppy!! (The last 2 on the list are not meant to sound the same!!)LOL

And before we know it we are seething, perspiring and doing a rain dance!! The mantle slips from our shoulders, and lo and reveals.......


(figuratively speaking, folks!!)
Attack mode has set in! We have gone from demure to demented! We seem to be plotting revenge on anything or anyone that is now about to cross our path!
The sad thing is, if we don't bury the hatchet, we can never truly cling to the cross.

I used to be a very angry person. ( I still have my moments!) But I came to realize that if I went through life carrying a 'hatchet', I would never learn the true meaning of 'starting afresh' or 'growing in Christ'. Anger ultimately leads to us into trying to get ourn own back and feeling justified to do so.
Ever tried singing a song of rejoicing by starting on a note of revenge?


If there is something you are struggling with that really makes you angry, here are a couple of creative suggestions to help keep you on the right track. These ARE just suggestions! They are not miracle cures for underlying problems. They may help you ease the pressure of your uncontrolled emotions.
First of all, take yourself away from the situation for a little while, if you can. If you can find a quiet route to walk, that would be good. Plan how far to go BEFORE you start off. Call this your 'limit point'. While you're walking up to that point, ( at a good pace), by all means tell the Lord how you feel. Get it off your chest! He understands. But be aware that as you approach your limit point you are aiming towards a quieter spirit within you.
When you reach your limit point, stand for a few moments and take some deep breaths. This point in your walk is your turning point! No more ranting!
Turn around and start walking back. Slow your pace down. Begin to thank God for the positive things in your life. The things you like about you and your world. The things that are going well. Cast your eyes on the scenery around you and look for beauty and things that bring peace.
Ask the Lord to strengthen you. See yourself facing a mountain and as you approach it, the mountain disappears! With God, all things are possible! Thank God for the power He has given you to overcome problems.
As you approach your starting point again, be ready to see and act differently to your circumstances.
My other suggestion is 'simply' this: Refuse to become overwhelmed!

Every time you gain a victory over circumstances, another foundation stone is laid to building your new character!


Wednesday, 8 July 2009

A Testimony to the Power of Prayer

My mum used to have a purse with a small sticker on it which simply read, "Prayer Changes Things". She was a true testimony to that statement! I'm glad to say I grew up believing in that same power and over the years have seen many miracles. By miracles I don't necessarily mean huge faith/life changing acts of God.

Miracles can be as simple as someone you don't know
showing a small act of kindness!

But I'd like to share with you a testimony of healing brought about by someone's obedience to the Lord.

This past weekend I was feeling very unwell. I had been visiting my brother when I began to experience 'dull' pains across my tummy. I didn't pay too much attention, thinking it may be symptoms of stress, as I'd had a few days of worry and upset.
I drove home and continued with my day and evening, but still felt poorly.
The next day ( Sunday) I was much worse and the pain had moved to my upper abdomen and under my rib cage. I thought perhaps it was indigestion, so I 'rummaged for Rennies' in the medicine drawer, chewed a couple, but just didn't get any relief.
My sister Anne and her friend Linda came along in the afternoon on their way home from a car boot sale. I was SO miffed I hadn't been well enough to go!!! But it was great to see them and we had tea and biscuits!! ( As you do on these occasions!!)
By the time they left for home I wasn't able to stay on my feet and had to go to bed, although I hadn't let on to them I was really feeling that bad. But sisters know a thing or two!!!
A couple of hours later my husband called my sister and asked if she'd come back up to our house as I was much worse. In truth, by the time Anne arrived I was very faint, could not lift my head off the pillow and had excruciating pain in my right side and round my lower back area. I was adamant I was not going to hospital!!! Anne decided to phone NHS 24 ( UK Emergency Helpline) to at least get some advice. The guy took the particulars he required and said a nurse would call back.
In the meantime Anne said she would like to pray for me. We are both Christians so I was more than happy for her to pray for me. The Lord has also gifted her with a healing ministry which she is obediently pursuing to bring glory to God and healing to anyone in need of prayer.
As I was unable to lie on my back ( or move at all for that matter!) Anne put her hand on my abdomen and began to pray and cry out to God for healing. I felt an enormous peace and lay there knowing the presence of God was all around.
My husband was on the other side of me praying too. Oh to be surrounded by the love of God and family in times like these!
The next thing to happen can only be described as a miracle, given the state of my body and mind as they prayed. There was a soothing 'heat' all over me, but especially in the area where Anne laid her hands on me. I began to feel much more 'with it' and not fading in and out of that 'dark fainting feeling'.
After about 15 minutes I was able to speak and be coherent!! (That's pretty good for me at the best of times!!) I noticed the pain had gone and I was lying in a very peaceful condition. To be pain free so quickly was truly a miracle! I said I'd like to sit up and I did so. I even drank a cup of tea and sang a short song of praise. Five minutes later I was up and sitting in my armchair watching the Oslo Gospel Choir singing "This is the Lord's doing"!!
I believe it was His doing, for He does great things!
I then read Psalm 145 aloud. We were all very blessed, even though we were still trying to take it all in.

I understand how hard it can be to sometimes believe in a God who seems to heal some people and yet let others perish. You may be reading this now and have first hand experience of losing someone you prayed so hard for. I've had that experience too. But somehow it doesn't stop me believing that God is the loving God He says He is. There is a much bigger picture than the one we limit God to in our 'black and white' or 'cut and dried' perceptions.

Please take a few moments to sit quietly and wait on God. Ask Him to touch you, increase your faith, hear your prayers and guide you to a stronger belief in His Word and His power.

If you would like prayer for a certain situation, whether it's healing or something else. please get in touch with me so I can spend time with my sister in prayer for you. Just click on the 'butterfly' image at top right of main page.

If you'd like to simply' run something by me', then feel free to get in touch about that too.
Or if you live within the UK and would like prayer over the phone please email me and we can make arrangements for a 'prayer call'.

I hope my word of testimony has encouraged you to 'launch out a little more into the deep' regarding your faith.
God is in the boat with you!!

I look forward to being of support to you.

Oh, by the way, the NHS 24 line did call back. Anne related the events to the man on the other end of the phone! I don't think it was what he would have considered his best call of the evening!! But one day he may be glad that someone told him just how mighty God is!!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Relax, Reflect and Re-align!

We all realize that the pace of life these days is, for most people, hectic. It doesn't leave much time for 'being'. We are mainly spending our time 'doing', and often in that mode we are thinking more about 'chores' than 'changes'.Our lives can become ruled by our 'to do' list and we neglect the 'to be' list in the process.
It's very difficult to find time to relax, reflect and re-align.
But even Jesus found He needed time to be away from the crowds. Can you imagine always being followed by people who were grappling for the chance to 'touch the hem of His garment'!
Perhaps you feel that way too. There's always someone fighting for your time, your energy, your expertise....your cooking!!!
Next time you make a 'to do' list, have a spare piece of paper handy and make a 'to be' list as well.
Take a few moments to consider the changes you'd like to make to your own character or lifestyle.
Write your 'shopping list' first. That's the essentials.
Then write your 'swapping list'. Those are your luxuries!
Your lists may look a bit like this:

The Essentials
lunchbox stuff
ready meals
something to boost me up
a new remote control for hubby to hog!
something to calm me down!!
toilet roll get the picture!

The Luxuries
time to be away from the crowds
vision to be the person God created me to be
wisdom to know when my words will not be helpful
grace to forgive
willpower to forget
faith to believe God is bigger than my worries
a mind open to change

There are many things that could be on the 'luxuries' list.
I've called them 'luxuries' because, in reality, those are the things that will make life good for us!
As much as I like my food, I'd rather have a happy, overflowing heart than a full stomach fit to burst!!

I believe that even by praying through our 'luxuries list' we can see a change in our lives.
It is when we are ready to change that God can do His most supreme work!
Have an energetic day!!

In other words, don't be 'LISTLESS'!!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

The Fabric of Our Prayers

I was reading a quilting magazine this afternoon and found an article entitled, "Can This Fabric Be Saved?"
I went on to read the article and found out that the writer has a 'stash' of fabrics dating back to the 60's, 70's and 80's. She also admits to having some ditsy prints, loud florals and 'off colours'.
But what was evident was that, in her own words, she realised, "My taste and my work has changed'.
She has 'moved on and beyond' some of the colours and designs. What was once relevant is now struggling to be, at the very least, retro!
It made me think about the 'fabric' of my prayers.
Their content. Their basic 'design'. The inspiration behind them. What is woven into them.
And yes! In some cases, their' outdatedness'!
There are people I have been praying for, for as long as I've been praying!! What started out as simple childlike faith expressed in simple childlike fashion has perhaps, in some instances, become repetitive, tired and "so last season"!!!
I have to question myself about how I view the people I pray for. Do I still pray for them in the same words as I used weeks, months or years ago? Is it perhaps the case that I'm still seeing 'the old fabric' with it's muddy colours, it's garishness or unwanted design?
So I'm challenging myself!! I'm going to try to 'freshen up my stash of prayers'! And this is how I'm going to start.
I will write down the name of a person who needs the Lord in their life. Someone who 'needs to be saved', as the Bible describes it.
And instead of telling God what this person is doing with their life at the moment, ( I think God is already clued up on that one! ) I'm going to talk to God about what this person can be and WILL be!
It's a bit like painting a new pattern on an old fabric to bring it up to date!
I may even find a piece of fabric that in some way reminds me of the person, eg the colour red, a butterfly design, or green tractors! (It may sometimes be possible to hold a piece of clothing belonging to a person who is a friend or family member). Being creative is what counts!
And, just as the woman in the magazine article said, "Can this fabric be saved?".
I will answer that with a resounding "Yes it can"! And I'll thank God that He hears my prayer. He delights in creativity and most importantly, He is, as the Word says, "abundantly able to save"!

The above picture is part of a quilt top/wallhanging that I am making.
I had it with me when I was visiting my younger son in hospital some time ago, when he was being treated for bladder cancer.
A lot of people were praying for him at that time, and I'm so glad they were. He received the 'all clear' at a follow up visit 6 months later.
To God be the glory!!
This 'piece of fabric' will always remind me of him, but even more importantly, it will always remind me that God cares, God hears and God is always with us.

If this has been helpful, or if you want to ask me about something in relation to faith and prayer, please contact me via email.
I will be very happy to hear from you.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

A Song of Blessing

I often use words of songs and poems to pray for people or situations.
The following song is one I wrote in 1984.
Although that may seem a long time ago ( it is for me!!!) these words can never become dated because they are written to bless and uplift anytime, anywhere and anybody.
As you read the words, picture a friend or loved one who needs a blessing or needs to know the Lord. I hope you will receive a blessing too!
Please let me know if these words are helpful to you.

May you walk in the light of His love
may you know His presence so sweet,
may you feel His arms around you
and know His gentle touch
may you walk in the light of His love.

May you be the disciple He's called you to be,

may you show forth the love that is His,

may you always be willing
to walk
in the light of His love
precious love, yes it is!

May you soar like an eagle to heights yet unknown

may you always be looking above,

may your eyes never stray
from the Truth and the Way,

may you walk in the light of His love.

© Kate Ali 2009
This song is available on a CD. Please contact me for details.