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Saturday, 30 May 2009

A Song of Blessing

I often use words of songs and poems to pray for people or situations.
The following song is one I wrote in 1984.
Although that may seem a long time ago ( it is for me!!!) these words can never become dated because they are written to bless and uplift anytime, anywhere and anybody.
As you read the words, picture a friend or loved one who needs a blessing or needs to know the Lord. I hope you will receive a blessing too!
Please let me know if these words are helpful to you.

May you walk in the light of His love
may you know His presence so sweet,
may you feel His arms around you
and know His gentle touch
may you walk in the light of His love.

May you be the disciple He's called you to be,

may you show forth the love that is His,

may you always be willing
to walk
in the light of His love
precious love, yes it is!

May you soar like an eagle to heights yet unknown

may you always be looking above,

may your eyes never stray
from the Truth and the Way,

may you walk in the light of His love.

© Kate Ali 2009
This song is available on a CD. Please contact me for details.

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