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Thursday, 11 June 2009

The Fabric of Our Prayers

I was reading a quilting magazine this afternoon and found an article entitled, "Can This Fabric Be Saved?"
I went on to read the article and found out that the writer has a 'stash' of fabrics dating back to the 60's, 70's and 80's. She also admits to having some ditsy prints, loud florals and 'off colours'.
But what was evident was that, in her own words, she realised, "My taste and my work has changed'.
She has 'moved on and beyond' some of the colours and designs. What was once relevant is now struggling to be, at the very least, retro!
It made me think about the 'fabric' of my prayers.
Their content. Their basic 'design'. The inspiration behind them. What is woven into them.
And yes! In some cases, their' outdatedness'!
There are people I have been praying for, for as long as I've been praying!! What started out as simple childlike faith expressed in simple childlike fashion has perhaps, in some instances, become repetitive, tired and "so last season"!!!
I have to question myself about how I view the people I pray for. Do I still pray for them in the same words as I used weeks, months or years ago? Is it perhaps the case that I'm still seeing 'the old fabric' with it's muddy colours, it's garishness or unwanted design?
So I'm challenging myself!! I'm going to try to 'freshen up my stash of prayers'! And this is how I'm going to start.
I will write down the name of a person who needs the Lord in their life. Someone who 'needs to be saved', as the Bible describes it.
And instead of telling God what this person is doing with their life at the moment, ( I think God is already clued up on that one! ) I'm going to talk to God about what this person can be and WILL be!
It's a bit like painting a new pattern on an old fabric to bring it up to date!
I may even find a piece of fabric that in some way reminds me of the person, eg the colour red, a butterfly design, or green tractors! (It may sometimes be possible to hold a piece of clothing belonging to a person who is a friend or family member). Being creative is what counts!
And, just as the woman in the magazine article said, "Can this fabric be saved?".
I will answer that with a resounding "Yes it can"! And I'll thank God that He hears my prayer. He delights in creativity and most importantly, He is, as the Word says, "abundantly able to save"!

The above picture is part of a quilt top/wallhanging that I am making.
I had it with me when I was visiting my younger son in hospital some time ago, when he was being treated for bladder cancer.
A lot of people were praying for him at that time, and I'm so glad they were. He received the 'all clear' at a follow up visit 6 months later.
To God be the glory!!
This 'piece of fabric' will always remind me of him, but even more importantly, it will always remind me that God cares, God hears and God is always with us.

If this has been helpful, or if you want to ask me about something in relation to faith and prayer, please contact me via email.
I will be very happy to hear from you.

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