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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Relax, Reflect and Re-align!

We all realize that the pace of life these days is, for most people, hectic. It doesn't leave much time for 'being'. We are mainly spending our time 'doing', and often in that mode we are thinking more about 'chores' than 'changes'.Our lives can become ruled by our 'to do' list and we neglect the 'to be' list in the process.
It's very difficult to find time to relax, reflect and re-align.
But even Jesus found He needed time to be away from the crowds. Can you imagine always being followed by people who were grappling for the chance to 'touch the hem of His garment'!
Perhaps you feel that way too. There's always someone fighting for your time, your energy, your expertise....your cooking!!!
Next time you make a 'to do' list, have a spare piece of paper handy and make a 'to be' list as well.
Take a few moments to consider the changes you'd like to make to your own character or lifestyle.
Write your 'shopping list' first. That's the essentials.
Then write your 'swapping list'. Those are your luxuries!
Your lists may look a bit like this:

The Essentials
lunchbox stuff
ready meals
something to boost me up
a new remote control for hubby to hog!
something to calm me down!!
toilet roll get the picture!

The Luxuries
time to be away from the crowds
vision to be the person God created me to be
wisdom to know when my words will not be helpful
grace to forgive
willpower to forget
faith to believe God is bigger than my worries
a mind open to change

There are many things that could be on the 'luxuries' list.
I've called them 'luxuries' because, in reality, those are the things that will make life good for us!
As much as I like my food, I'd rather have a happy, overflowing heart than a full stomach fit to burst!!

I believe that even by praying through our 'luxuries list' we can see a change in our lives.
It is when we are ready to change that God can do His most supreme work!
Have an energetic day!!

In other words, don't be 'LISTLESS'!!

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