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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

A Testimony to the Power of Prayer

My mum used to have a purse with a small sticker on it which simply read, "Prayer Changes Things". She was a true testimony to that statement! I'm glad to say I grew up believing in that same power and over the years have seen many miracles. By miracles I don't necessarily mean huge faith/life changing acts of God.

Miracles can be as simple as someone you don't know
showing a small act of kindness!

But I'd like to share with you a testimony of healing brought about by someone's obedience to the Lord.

This past weekend I was feeling very unwell. I had been visiting my brother when I began to experience 'dull' pains across my tummy. I didn't pay too much attention, thinking it may be symptoms of stress, as I'd had a few days of worry and upset.
I drove home and continued with my day and evening, but still felt poorly.
The next day ( Sunday) I was much worse and the pain had moved to my upper abdomen and under my rib cage. I thought perhaps it was indigestion, so I 'rummaged for Rennies' in the medicine drawer, chewed a couple, but just didn't get any relief.
My sister Anne and her friend Linda came along in the afternoon on their way home from a car boot sale. I was SO miffed I hadn't been well enough to go!!! But it was great to see them and we had tea and biscuits!! ( As you do on these occasions!!)
By the time they left for home I wasn't able to stay on my feet and had to go to bed, although I hadn't let on to them I was really feeling that bad. But sisters know a thing or two!!!
A couple of hours later my husband called my sister and asked if she'd come back up to our house as I was much worse. In truth, by the time Anne arrived I was very faint, could not lift my head off the pillow and had excruciating pain in my right side and round my lower back area. I was adamant I was not going to hospital!!! Anne decided to phone NHS 24 ( UK Emergency Helpline) to at least get some advice. The guy took the particulars he required and said a nurse would call back.
In the meantime Anne said she would like to pray for me. We are both Christians so I was more than happy for her to pray for me. The Lord has also gifted her with a healing ministry which she is obediently pursuing to bring glory to God and healing to anyone in need of prayer.
As I was unable to lie on my back ( or move at all for that matter!) Anne put her hand on my abdomen and began to pray and cry out to God for healing. I felt an enormous peace and lay there knowing the presence of God was all around.
My husband was on the other side of me praying too. Oh to be surrounded by the love of God and family in times like these!
The next thing to happen can only be described as a miracle, given the state of my body and mind as they prayed. There was a soothing 'heat' all over me, but especially in the area where Anne laid her hands on me. I began to feel much more 'with it' and not fading in and out of that 'dark fainting feeling'.
After about 15 minutes I was able to speak and be coherent!! (That's pretty good for me at the best of times!!) I noticed the pain had gone and I was lying in a very peaceful condition. To be pain free so quickly was truly a miracle! I said I'd like to sit up and I did so. I even drank a cup of tea and sang a short song of praise. Five minutes later I was up and sitting in my armchair watching the Oslo Gospel Choir singing "This is the Lord's doing"!!
I believe it was His doing, for He does great things!
I then read Psalm 145 aloud. We were all very blessed, even though we were still trying to take it all in.

I understand how hard it can be to sometimes believe in a God who seems to heal some people and yet let others perish. You may be reading this now and have first hand experience of losing someone you prayed so hard for. I've had that experience too. But somehow it doesn't stop me believing that God is the loving God He says He is. There is a much bigger picture than the one we limit God to in our 'black and white' or 'cut and dried' perceptions.

Please take a few moments to sit quietly and wait on God. Ask Him to touch you, increase your faith, hear your prayers and guide you to a stronger belief in His Word and His power.

If you would like prayer for a certain situation, whether it's healing or something else. please get in touch with me so I can spend time with my sister in prayer for you. Just click on the 'butterfly' image at top right of main page.

If you'd like to simply' run something by me', then feel free to get in touch about that too.
Or if you live within the UK and would like prayer over the phone please email me and we can make arrangements for a 'prayer call'.

I hope my word of testimony has encouraged you to 'launch out a little more into the deep' regarding your faith.
God is in the boat with you!!

I look forward to being of support to you.

Oh, by the way, the NHS 24 line did call back. Anne related the events to the man on the other end of the phone! I don't think it was what he would have considered his best call of the evening!! But one day he may be glad that someone told him just how mighty God is!!

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