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Saturday, 11 July 2009


I suppose at one time or another we've all been there! We go through our day with all good intentions of being the best Christian we can be. We even begin by praising the Lord before our feet have touched the floor! "This is the day that the Lord has made! I WILL rejoice and be glad in it"!! We make great plans to walk as Jesus walked, talk as He talked and let nothing bother or fluster us.
We start off the day pretty well. By 10.00am we are still calm and we think we've got it sussed for the day!! And we put on our poised, demure mantle!! Oh, nothing can get to me. I'm a Christian. I'm standing on the promises! I'm growing into the character of Christ!!
Then it happens! And it's always 'that same thing' that tries your patience!! The leaky washing machine, the cold call salesperson, one more 'final' demand, the challenging family member,the untrained puppy!! (The last 2 on the list are not meant to sound the same!!)LOL

And before we know it we are seething, perspiring and doing a rain dance!! The mantle slips from our shoulders, and lo and reveals.......


(figuratively speaking, folks!!)
Attack mode has set in! We have gone from demure to demented! We seem to be plotting revenge on anything or anyone that is now about to cross our path!
The sad thing is, if we don't bury the hatchet, we can never truly cling to the cross.

I used to be a very angry person. ( I still have my moments!) But I came to realize that if I went through life carrying a 'hatchet', I would never learn the true meaning of 'starting afresh' or 'growing in Christ'. Anger ultimately leads to us into trying to get ourn own back and feeling justified to do so.
Ever tried singing a song of rejoicing by starting on a note of revenge?


If there is something you are struggling with that really makes you angry, here are a couple of creative suggestions to help keep you on the right track. These ARE just suggestions! They are not miracle cures for underlying problems. They may help you ease the pressure of your uncontrolled emotions.
First of all, take yourself away from the situation for a little while, if you can. If you can find a quiet route to walk, that would be good. Plan how far to go BEFORE you start off. Call this your 'limit point'. While you're walking up to that point, ( at a good pace), by all means tell the Lord how you feel. Get it off your chest! He understands. But be aware that as you approach your limit point you are aiming towards a quieter spirit within you.
When you reach your limit point, stand for a few moments and take some deep breaths. This point in your walk is your turning point! No more ranting!
Turn around and start walking back. Slow your pace down. Begin to thank God for the positive things in your life. The things you like about you and your world. The things that are going well. Cast your eyes on the scenery around you and look for beauty and things that bring peace.
Ask the Lord to strengthen you. See yourself facing a mountain and as you approach it, the mountain disappears! With God, all things are possible! Thank God for the power He has given you to overcome problems.
As you approach your starting point again, be ready to see and act differently to your circumstances.
My other suggestion is 'simply' this: Refuse to become overwhelmed!

Every time you gain a victory over circumstances, another foundation stone is laid to building your new character!


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